Care Programme

Care Programme

Early in 2007 we set up the Care Programme. The objective of the programme was to provide emergency shelter for those in need to short term accommodation. We existed to provide emergency accommodation to those who need it.

One of the core values was to promote a cross community and cross border service.

There was and continues to be an increasing need for our services, because of the economic pressures being placed on other providers in this sector. Other facilities in the area were being scaled down or stretched, at best, in terms of what room space they could provide.

We created a caring home environment to meet the emotional, spiritual and physical needs of our residents, who enjoyed hospitality and opportunities for social interaction.

The main costs of running the programme were funded by the International Fund for Ireland.

In 2009 the International Fund for Ireland agreed funding to demolish the garages and build 6 self-contained apartments, officially opened in November 2010.

The Care Programme was split into 2 main areas: