Swim for Crossfire

Swim for Crossfire

Swim for Crossfire

60 year old, North London resident, Dawn Such was so touched by the stories she had heard about the work of Crossfire Trust that she wanted to do something to help.

She has wanted to visit Crossfire Trust, but been unable to fly for health reasons. Determined to show her support she decided to use one of her hobbies, swimming, as a means of raising funds for Crossfire Trust.

She visits her local swimming pool, in Southgate once a week and swims a few lengths of the pool. The most lengths she had swam to date were 16, but she set herself the target of swimming 24 lengths. Each length is 33 metres and so this would mean that she would have to swim just under half a mile.

Dawn was able to raise £360 from friends, family and other users of Southgate Swimming Pool and at 7am on Monday 19 April completed 24 lengths of the pool.

Dawn said, "I just felt I needed to do something for Crossfire Trust as they are always looking for donations and they are always helping the young people." Click here to hear Dawn in her own words.

If you would like to support Crossfire Trust by having a sponsored event please click here to go to our Fundraising page to see details of how you can use our sponsor form.