Allison's story - departing resident

Allison's story - departing resident

Allison meets President Mary McAleese at Darkley House

It is with great joy that we wish Allison all of our best wishes as she departs the care programme in Darkley House. We will all miss her very much; it has been a great joy and blessing to have had the privilege of looking after Allison for the past nine months.

Allison has made great progress in her life and we are confident that she will ‘make a go of it’ now that she has secured her own tenancy close to her family.

Allison's story

Sometimes we don’t see the benefits of our work, but Allison herself has said that she would never have made such progress in her life without the support and encouragement that she received in the Care Programme from everyone concerned, especially the volunteers who give of their time to inspire and motivate Allison.

We are confident that Allison will continue make further progress in her life, we will continue to support her with plenty of ‘outreach’ and follow up visits.

Allison’s story fills us with pride and hope, she inspired us all while she was here and if ever there was an example of overcoming overwhelming adversity in the midst of despair and despondency then surely this is it!

In Allison’s own words… 'Everyone here’s seen me through some very bad times in my life, this place was a God send to me, you’ve seen me at my best and worst but you never gave up on me or passed judgement. I will always be thankful for my time here. I am very hopeful about moving into my own accommodation, thank you for everything.'

Well done Allison, and May the Peace and love of Christ go with you now and for ever.

Main photo: Allison meets President Mary McAleese at Darkley House