Restoring Hope

Restoring Hope

The “Restoring Hope” programme sought to use 30 years’ experience of the core Management Team of Crossfire Trust to address the major peace and reconciliation issues in South Armagh. Through the delivery of a number of community based and networked initiatives, the project sought to address sectarianism and racism in the South Armagh area. The project provided counselling services, training, support and developed a befriending and networking service for individuals, families and groups directly affected by the traumatic legacy of the conflict as one of the most seriously affected communities. It was also innovative in supporting work with young people, reluctant peacemakers and families of recent victims killed during the peace process. Finally, the project supported people revisiting the area to seek resolution, including security force members and families who had to relocate due to the high level of violence. An aim of the project was that these activities would support the establishment of Darkley House as a renowned centre for peace and reconciliation in the centre of South Armagh.

Building on the work of Crossfire Trust over the last 30 years, we sought, with the assistance of PEACE III funding, to provide a tangible opportunity for this divided community to discuss, evaluate, learn, seek to understand, become reconciled, forgive, explore, talk to, revisit, grieve and share. This project directly impacted on building peace in South Armagh through real and innovative peace building activities.

The project ran through 2010 and 2011 and some of the events we were able to organise were:

Tuesday 27 April 2010 - Coffee Morning - click here for details
Wednesday 12 May 2010 - Sometimes it's just good to talk - click here for details
Monday 2 to Friday 6 August 2010 - Crossmaglen Fun Club - click here for details
Friday 6 August 2010 - Crossmaglen Community Festival - click here for details
Thursday 7 October 2010 - How are you? - click here for details
Sunday 31 October 2010 - Nite of Light - click here for details
Friday 3 December 2010 - Good will to all - click here for details
Wednesday 25 May 2011 - We all get on well, but... - click here for details
Saturday 9 July 2011 - Community Fun Day - click here for details

Project was supported by PEACE III Programme managed for the Special EU Programmes Body by the Community Relations Council/Pobal.

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