The House

The House

Darkley House is 'a little out of the way for a lot out of the ordinary.'

Welcome to a country house of hospitality and care. Darkley House has a history in the linen industry in the 18th century and was the home of the industrious entrepreneur Mr Calvert who developed the mill village of Darkley. Unfortunately the mill closed in 1959 creating long term unemployment and a depressed and disappointed community.

Darkley House was a symbol of power and prestige in the linen period and decisions made in the house affected the whole region. History is revisited via Crossfire Trust which seeks to heal the past and restore confidence, hope and community aspirations for the future.

Darkley House is a 2 storey country residence with Georgian windows, high ceilings and a welcome for all.

It sits on the edge of Darkley village and overlooks the winding road to Newtownhamilton and in the distance Fews Forest.

Residents can enjoy the extensive grounds with secluded areas for thought and reflection.

The House has central heating throughout, with the added warmth of an AGA cooker.

Accommodation is available for individuals or small families who may find themselves homeless or in need of emergency accommodation. This can be overnight or longer term, depending on the circumstances.

Let's walk through the house

While waiting for the front door to be opened, the porch will give you shelter from the elements.

On entering you will pass the first lounge on your left, this room captures the early morning sun and is available for group meetings.

On your immediate right is the second and larger of the two lounges. Both lounges have potbelly stoves around which it wouldn’t be unusual to find people drinking tea and having a chat.

In the hallway your eye is drawn to the winding staircase which leads to the five bedrooms with ten beds, three bathrooms and a snack room.

There is also a separate annex with one double bedroom and one bedroom flat.

As you continue down the hallway, you pass a further single bedroom which has a bathroom with disabled access.

You then enter the dining room.

It is now that you become aware that you are arriving at the heart of the house, as the aroma of the kitchen impacts your senses.

Come and join us in the kitchen where people linger over a cup of tea and the ‘Craic is 90 and rising’.

Wednesday is Visitors Day and all are welcome

We recommend and gently promote a personal response to God’s love and care. This is a personal choice for the individual and not a forced decision, nor is it necessary to avail of the accommodation and support.

Darkley HouseDarkley House