Mega Mobile

Mega Mobile

The Mega Mobile is unique in its field of design and hospitality and, using hydraulic technology, expands on site. It has a wheelchair lift and is divided in two by a glass partition. This allows the vehicle to be completely open as one unit or separated into two zones. Each zone has its own personality and purpose. To the right we have settees and beanbags and a plasma screen and the other end has a kitchen and bar with stools and bench seating. It has air conditioning and heating and a music system for both zones and also for outside use.

Mega Mobile

It is an easy vehicle to enlarge using the hydraulic system to extend the two pods creating standing room for twenty five people or seating for twenty. Picnic tables and chairs outside allow the outdoor to feel connected to the life and buzz activity and function of the inside lounge.

Mega Mobile

Used by Crossfire Trust in many settings:

  • Crossmaglen market
  • Street outreach
  • Local Festivals
  • Agricultural Shows
  • Camp Site base
  • Sectarian Interface

The purpose of it is to:

  • Community interaction
  • Poverty relief and family support
  • Teenage Intervention
  • Drug and alcohol advice
  • Bridge between church and community
  • Suicide alertness and prevention
  • Hope for those on dope

The vision of Crossfire Trust is that the Mega Mobile is available for the business and education sectors as well as the charity sector. Hire rates are available for both private and commercial ventures. This will make it of real benefit to the whole community.

You can find out more about the history behind the Mega Mobile by clicking here.

Contact us at admin@crossfiretrust.net or 028 3753 1636.