The Grounds

The Grounds

The hen hotel is a great attraction for local families who walk the short distance down from Darkley village to feed the chicken. Residents in Darkley House have also enjoyed the therapeutic walk up the hill and have a chance to gather the eggs.

On route they may admire the goat or share an apple or carrot with Bill and Ben, our donkeys. Bill and Ben were rescued by Hollies Horse Rescue Centre in Omeath. They have been amazing in stimulating comfort and tenderness from residents to animals who respond well with all the appropriate noises. Other small animals may be added.

The 2 ½ acre site is fully used and enclosed for fun and pleasure and easier maintenance and grass control. It has been a wonderful natural adventure for the many children attending community events to ‘run in’ and ‘look for’ hidden teddies while parents view the complex or attend an event.

We are very grateful to have such a wonderful site laced by mature trees and overlooking the stone mill buildings and Fews Forest in the distance.

Who knows what will be built on the site in years to come. The options are open and varied and discussed occasionally.