Courtyard Apartments

Courtyard Apartments

In 2009 the International Fund for Ireland agreed funding to demolish the garages at the back of the house and build 6 self-contained apartments.

Fully Furnished Turnkey Apartments

Each apartment is fully furnished and includes a kitchenette/living area, bedroom and bathroom.

The apartment is heated with electric storage heaters and the living area has a wood or coal burning pot belly stove.

Each apartment has its own power supply and electricity is provided on a card meter system.

Disabled access is available for the 3 ground floor apartments.

Suitable for families

Each apartment has 2 single beds in the bedrooms to accommodate for single parent and child, or couples.

Arrangements can be made for additional bed space if needed.

We use the apartments to provide some supported living but currently we do not receive and funding and so now we now rely on volunteers to support any residents.

For more details please contact us at admin@crossfiretrust.net or 028 3753 1636.

Below is a picture of how the garages used to look and the apartments which have replaced them.