Bag packers to raise funds - volunteers needed

Bag packers to raise funds - volunteers needed

Volunteers are needed to help with a fund raising event on Saturday 17 September.

Sainsburys in Armagh have agreed to allow Crossfire Trust to provide bag packers at 8 of their tills to give the opportunity to obtain donations for the Care Programme, one of the projects of Crossfire Trust.

We require volunteers to cover two hourly slots between 9am to 6pm. The busiest times of the day are between 10am and 2pm, and so most of the cover is needed at these times.

Should you be able to volunteer your time to help raise funds for the Care Programme, please contact the Care Programme office on 028 3753 1636 or email them at careprogramme@crossfiretrust.net.

Please let your friends know and any help will be greatly appreciated.