Care House under new management

Care House under new management

Flanagan family

The month of May saw the appointment of David and Alison Flanagan as Care House Manager and Assistant Care House Manager.

Originally from Ireland, David and Alison have spent the last few years living and working in Leeds, South Yorkshire. They have two children Joshua 7 and Rebecca 9.

"The road to Darkley House has been an exciting one. As a family, we see the hand of God scrawled all over the pathway of our lives, particularly over the last three years."

David had visited Darkley House on several occasions over the years and had always held a strong interest in the work of Crossfire Trust.

Both Joshua and Rebecca have been involved from the beginning, in the decision to move from their current location in South Yorkshire to Northern Ireland and have been very positive about the move.

David and Alison will take up their new roles within weeks, and at the time of writing, the most pressing need is for them to find an affordable home in the area.

David says, " We look forward to meeting everyone involved with Crossfire Trust and adding many more people to support the work of the Trust".