Help needed for new reception area

Help needed for new reception area

As part of the Care Programme, a new staff administration and reception area has been created in Darkley House. Currently the room is empty and we need to fill it with furniture and all the normal office equipment and supplies.

We would appreciate any donations to cover the costs of fitting out the room. This can be in the form of money or alternatively, if you can donate individual items that would be grand.

Our needs are:

  1. Two small desks and 3 office chairs
  2. Two medium sized filing cabinets
  3. Bed settee
  4. Computer desk, and a new computer with all the accessories would be even better
  5. Shredder
  6. Laminating machine
  7. Photocopier, fax, printer
  8. Notice boards x 3
  9. White Board
  10. Stationery - as much as we can get pens, paper, envelopes, files, ledgers, notebooks, etc etc.

Any help would be gratefully received.

Please contact the Care Programme Manager on either +44 (0) 28 3753 1636 or careprogramme@crossfiretrust.net