Help needed for the week 21-28 June

Help needed for the week 21-28 June

Help us kill the rot!

Darkley House is our base, a home for people who are homeless and a springboard for community action. It means a lot to us and our neighbours - who watch the development of this lighthouse.

Rot crept in back in 2006 and damaged the Annex. We have treated 90% of the affected area and need urgently to replace or treat the remaining timbers and plaster. We applied for a grant to cover the £16000 needed to complete the works, but unfortunately the application was rejected.

Whilst this was a knock back and caused disappointment, we then remembered all our friends, contacts and people who believe in what we do.

We need your help to:

  • fit floor joists
  • lay plywood floors
  • fit plasterboard
  • replaster three rooms
  • re-wire, plumb and fit a kitchen and bathroom

Grand Designs would not have a look in!

We want to do it in one week!

We have a consultant on board to advise, order materials, schedule works and maintain standards, but as yet have no skilled workers or labourers. Joiners, bricklayers, plumbers, electricians leave Ireland every year to build on projects outside Ireland. We need some of them to come and help us.

Can you come or do you know anyone who can come and help us complete this vital project?

Please contact Ian Bothwell, Director of Crossfire Trust on 07515 286810 or email admin@crossfiretrust.net.