My Continued Motivation

My Continued Motivation

Continued Motivation

Ian Bothwell director and founder of Crossfire Trust was recently asked about his continued motivation.

He said, “I remember the day I read my Bible in 2 Corinthians 5:18 - 'But all things are of God, who reconciled us to himself through Christ, and gave unto us the ministry of reconciliation'. It had never dawned on me before that reconciliation was a ministry. I had always viewed it as compromise and for the liberals. It was the beginning of a new thought pattern which would enrich my thinking and open my heart to greater contacts with my neighbour and a steady engagement even if the politics or religious background wasn't quite like mine.

Reconciliation is the fragrance of heaven. The harmony that comes between God and man when we sort out our barriers, our chill or distance and start the embrace. It should then be automatic that having been forgiven we then forgive, but this is where the challenge lies. We become selective in what we forgive and who, and reconciliation lacks the connection in community which makes it real.

Within Crossfire we put ourselves out into the community, aware that we have been forgiven and enriched by a presence within, which constantly calls us to present Christ in a divided world. To bridge the gap. To express a hope that despite years of division and suspicion, a reconciling force can penetrate our protective layers and open us to understanding and trust.

A faith that lives will grow and take on expression, especially when it is based in Jesus, his words of life and love to us. We believe Jesus loves us and speaks to us of how we are loved, appreciated, accepted, valued and kept. This is both our foundation and spring board as it calls us forward.

We don't give up because our faith teaches us we have already conquered, it's a matter of time for breakthrough to come. This belief has kept us going through the difficulties. It is a faith that has believed for protection, provision, peace, plans and prosperity.

There are days of excitement and exhaustion of break-ins (literal) and break through. Faith in God maintains the focus as we patiently endure or watch for the night to end and dawn to appear.”