Work underway on Coach House units

Work underway on Coach House units

Ulster Gazette article - 28 February 2008

The Ulster Gazette

Building work has started on the £1million Coach House Regeneration Ltd Community Business Park at Darkley House.

The 12 units have been designed as ‘incubators’ to grow small businesses and enable local people, not only to benefit from this resource, but also the training supportive network it belongs to.

Working in partnership with start-up business programmes, individuals with an idea for business, however small, can develop a strategy which they can comfortably work to.

The project was developed after years of community service by the promoters, Crossfire trust, who see this opportunity as a golden handshake to a new level of destiny and hope.

Ian Bothwell, of Crossfire trust, said: “We are so very grateful to all our funders for this lifeline, both for Darkley village and the other local, national and international communities who watch the Northern Ireland spot for models of co-operation and creativity.”

Situated at the rear of Darkley House, the Coach House Regeneration Park enjoys stunning views towards Fews Forest and the mountains, and provides ample parking and easy quick delivery. It is anticipated to have a mixture of office space and small businesses. Building work is on schedule for completion in July of this year.

Funding for this project came from European Peace and Reconciliation through DETI, IFI, private donations and a loan from UCIT.

Work underway on Coach House units

Photo: (l-r) Eddie Quinn (project manager), Ian Bothwell (Crossfire Trust), Andrew Winter (DETI), Jean Mageean (IFI), Eileen Stewart (Armagh Business Centre), Alan Boyd (New Quay), and Jarlath Hagan (New Quay).

Article used with kind permission of the Editor of The Ulster Gazette