As part of the Restoring Hope project one of our regular counsellors, Elizabeth Berry, hosted a further “How Are You?” session in the Coach House Cane Room.

The session was advertised as:

It is a very easy environment to chat or listen and be informed of ways to identify how we are, what we are feeling and reactions to life’s pressures.

Date: Thursday 7th October 2010
Starting at 2.00 pm
Come early for tea and coffee.

The Mega Mobile is available for private hire and is regularly used by various voluntary and community groups, as well as organisations such as Craigavon Community Safety Partnership.

Main Photo: The Lurgan Mail, 12 August 2010

Mega Mobile

As part of our 30th Anniversary celebrations, we hosted a special market day community interaction on Friday 6 August in Crossmaglen Square.

Crossmaglen Festival

The screeching of excited children was once again heard in Ardross Park as they slid down the water slide. Our annual Fun Club, 2 to 6 August, caused great excitement.

Crossmaglen Fun Club

The Grand Opening of the apartments was due to take place on Friday 27 August, but has been postponed.

A new date will be advised in due course.

Printed courtesy of The News Letter, 15 June 2010

Ian and Pauline Bothwell beside the iconic statue in Crossmaglen Square.

Over the past 30 years they have challenged the status quo in an area synonymous with IRA terrorism in innovative ways. They have imitated the iconic IRA signs on lamp posts by putting up their own JCA (Jesus Christ's Army) versions around Crossmaglen.

We'll fight the good fight

Restoring Hope Counselling Service sessions take place in our Counselling Rooms in The Coach House.

They are completely confidential.

Counselling Service

60 year old, North London resident, Dawn Such was so touched by the stories she had heard about the work of Crossfire Trust that she wanted to do something to help.

She has wanted to visit Crossfire Trust, but been unable to fly for health reasons. Determined to show her support she decided to use one of her hobbies, swimming, as a means of raising funds for Crossfire Trust.

Swim for Crossfire

Friday April 23 marked a very special occasion for stalwart community worker/peace maker Ian Bothwell, founder of Crossfire Trust in Darkley. This year is Ian’s 30th year in south Armagh, making God’s love real to all in the area.

Staff at Crossfire arranged a ‘This Is Your Life’ event at Armagh City Hotel which they managed to keep a total surprise! 300 people spanning 30 years attended the event, from as far afield as the USA.

Ulster Gazette article about 30 years for Ian Bothwell

Good Friday was a cold and somewhat damp day. But during our regular attendance at Crossmaglen market that day we endeavoured to bring a bit more warmth and brightness.

With some hot cross buns and big flasks of hot tea, we toured the market stalls encouraging anyone who wanted a warm-up to have some tea and buns and give a donation in exchange.

Restoring hope on Good Friday